Public School x Tumi

Backpacks are forever in.  Who would have known that while we were hiking to the bus stops during elementary school our most necessary accessory would end up a contemporary to luxury trend.  From durable cotton textiles to buttery-soft leathers, backpacks keep making waves and fashion lovers are finding their own individual way to sport the movement.  We’ve gone through scores of brands and design houses to see how they put their stamp on the academic piece, and there was one collaboration we couldn’t get out of our heads: Public School NYC x Tumi.  Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne began with tailoring menswear before fully launching their womenswear line that remains true to their neutral toned design palette.  While scooping up awards for their line, we couldn’t be happier to see them branch into accessories and eye-wear.

Leather trimming and patterned, cut out detailing make their back pack the perfect mix of classic and sporty.  It’s a piece that will have everyone you’re around asking where you got it from, and its winter white color will go with anything.  What truly makes it special is the well thought out interior that every techie would appreciate.  Make sure to pick yours up online because it’s a limited-edition design, so once it’s gone…it’s gone.  No one wants the fear of missing out right?  Find our favorite backpack here.




Images and Feature Images Courtesy Of

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