Angelys Balek’s “Maverick”

Award-winning designer Angelys Balek decides to push aside expected style trends for fall 2016 ready-to-wear and apply botany as the basis for her collection’s theme. The beautiful anatomy of a simple leaf or petal is translated into flowing gowns fit for the red-carpet. A cohesive mix of separates with the right combination of earthy tones to complement any skin-tone and classic shapes with fuller skirts to flatter various frames.

We are becoming so in-tuned, even obsessed with imagery thrown at us every second on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat…you name it, that to step back and look at the time invested to create such well-thought out designs gets forgotten. Just seeing the work of Balek reminds us that before all this digital craze, we used to actually sit out among the flowers as kids and just play. Picking colorful blooms and examining how the colors blended together so perfectly and symmetrically—this collection for us was a sweet reminder.

Combining multiple fabrics from silk to warm wools you can find pieces to keep you going through the coldest winter mornings. Set aside that boring black coat you drag out every time the wind chill drops, and invest in the artwork of Balek. This isn’t about fast fashion, but rather having something that even twenty years from now will make people wonder where you found such a stunning piece.





All photo courtesy of companies.

By Min A. Lee

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