WEN by Chaz Dean

Summer Beauty Favorite — WEN Honey & Lilac Creme and Mousse Duo!

By Kabo X Lor

I finally got my hands on this WEN set created by hairstylist Chaz Dean.

This collection set makes me feel like I’m standing in a lilac garden with its enticing floral scent that is delightfully sweet and soft.

How our beauty editor uses her new favorite products:

  1. I apply both of the products right after a shower while my hair is damp or wet.
  2. Using my fingers, I comb a generous amount of the creme and mousse all over my hair from ends to roots.
  3. Then I continue to style my hair with my heat tools as usual.
  4. After styling I find it hard to keep my hands off my hair because it is luscious, shiny, voluminous, and bouncy.

Not enough words can describe what the duo does to my hair, so I will just say that this product really resuscitates my lifeless hair. One of my favorite things about WEN is that it contains natural ingredients that nourish and hydrate. This is “magic in a bottle” with its ability to make my strands look and feel like I had a blow out at the salon. I am obsessed!

Find yours at Chaz Dean’s website, click here!


All photos via Company.

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