Sound Art:Tima Fei DJ/Producer Interview


By Angela McAdrian

This month we bring you an exclusive interview with Chicago – based,Ukrainian-born, Experimental Electronic Music Pioneer Tima Fei. Tima creates intelligent art of sounds that we can’t stop hitting play on. Well crafted and fashionable,Tima’s tracks formulate the perfect playlist for your night out. Tima has held residency at popular Chicago nightclub Sound-bar from 2007-2014 and has played at various other Chicago venues such as the MID, Cuvee and Stereo Nightclub and special music events including Winter Music Conference, North Coast Music Festival, Spring Awakening Music festival as well as many fashion shows and other events to boot.

  1. What’s been new with you in the last few years since we featured you in  Thank you for asking;  My world is divided into two facets, fashion and music.  Time has been by going fast in the last few years. I have had the pleasure to work for some amazing leading brands in the fashion industry; such as, Hugo Boss and Tom Ford, but now I am with Celine. I continue to build my DJ identity in the music world as Tima Fei.  I have performed internationally at nightclubs, music festivals, fashion shows and private gatherings using my unique blend of sounds as an art form. I am excited to tell you about my opportunity to work on several musical therapy projects for local schools and businesses. I am also still engaged in NORdjs.   
  1. The Ms.Halas’ project is an interesting detour from your usual sound. What inspired it and can you tell us about the process of creating it? The inspiration for this particular project came from the course of events in my life and my desire to work with new elements. This joint project started from the conversation with Ms. Halas, who is an art teacher at one of Chicago’s elementary schools, during our dinner with friends. I was listening to her explanation about how she teaches art in her own distinctive way. I started to visualize the classroom, students and all the colors in their artwork. Suddenly, a question came to me, what if students were to paint or draw music?  I arranged music mixed with sounds from the surrounding environment that I recorded to create what I call “art of sound.” Ms. Halas found my idea very creative and fresh which gave us the concept for our first project called “Melting Pot”.( student’s response to my art of sound was amazing and provided a lot of unique artwork. One piece of art by Victor V. was used as the cover for our single release “Dan Snow & NORdjs- Deep Sensation”.  ( “Melting Pot” project was very well received by students and the school. The next step in my music therapy was creating another mix, called “Ms. Halas project.” It was exclusively arranged for the students to inspire them in the classroom environment so they could create the art work for this mix cover. I believe the experience with musical therapies so far has been my most important creation.    
  1. What inspires you in general?

The rhythm of life, the eyes of my love, the mother’s voice, the smells and sounds of Chicago streets.

  1. What music are you listening to and loving currently?

Music is music, the more the better.

  1. The season of Fall is coming up here in Chicago.  What are your favorite autumnal things and what’s your favorite season of the year?

Hmm, It’s hard for me to choose one:Winter is Classic, the Spring is like the Rocking-Roll, Summer is Jazz and Autumn is my music, so Fall is my favorite. During this season I feel in harmony with nature, fashion, colors and sounds.

  1. What keeps you creative and motivated?

I listen to the sounds around me all the time and replay music in my thoughts throughout the day so I started to think about how to mix them together.

  1. What are your thoughts on the current state of the music scene and particularly Chicago’s?

In my opinion it’s slowly moving forward.  

  1. Would you recommend Chicago for others wanting to pursue the passion of music?

Yes I would because Chicago has very rich musical roots.

9.Back to the Ms. Halas’ project, do you think you will do projects like that again in the

future? It seems like such a fantastic idea.

Yes, I definitely will; it demonstrates a new branch of music that has a bright future.

Photo by: Anna Komarov –

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