It’s Chemical—New Year,New Perfume;Escentric Molecules

by Angela McAdrian

The Escentric Molecules perfume product line first caught my attention with its interesting, eye-catching design aesthetics. Created by perfumer Geza Schoen,the London based line of perfumes are actually single note scents and are unisex. The concept of the line is celebrating perfumery as the art of chemistry. Originally inspired by the chemical molecule Iso E Super,which is an aroma molecule that does not exist in nature and is actually in the background of many popular fragrances for men and women,Molecule 01 contains only Iso E Super and no fragrant ingredients other than that. #minimal The Escentric Molecules line of perfumes is believed to enhance your own pheromones by working with your own skin chemistry and the luxe and innovative packaging adds to the fun because who doesn’t like cool looking perfume bottles?

Escentric Molecule 01 has my favorite packaging design of the three molecule fragrances. This bottle is the one which first drew my attention. It seemed different—luxe,and chic,but also intelligent. I instantly liked the scent once I tried it. The fragrance is light and has a nice clean smell. The Molecule 01 perfume is subtle,natural,and truly minimal. Molecule 01 would be perfect for someone ranging from the trendsetter to the natural minimalist personality type. I enjoy the simplicity of this one.

Escentric Molecule 02 is strong and unique. It contains the single note aroma molecule of Ambroxan. This fragrance is warm,powdery,lightly citrusy and a bit eccentric.I’d consider this one to be the strongest of the 3 Molecule scents. It has a mysterious,sensual appeal and is a bit heavy compared to the other two.

I seemed to gravitate toward the Escentric Molecule 03 the most, as it was the one I most often was grabbing to wear. Molecule 03 is a single note vetiver fragrance. It is a bit earthy and fresh and I found it to be similar to Molecule 01 but just a bit stronger and more earthy. It is a nice,natural and lightly refreshing scent—soothing,mossy,grassy,and woody. If Molecule 03 were a season, I believe it’d be summer, perhaps even a summer rain. Vetiver comes from the root of a tropical grass native to India and is often used in mens cologne. The tres chic note of vetiver has been likened to smoke and incense and is related to lemongrass. Vetiver is considered to be grounding and calming(yum) which could be key to why I gravitated towards this one(I love calming things). It is a cooler scent and just very slightly citrusy.

Each Escentric Molecule perfume also has its Escentric counterpart which is the molecule designed in a formula. Escentric 01 contains the Iso E Super,along with lime peel,hedione,orris,balsamic notes,and fresh musk. Escentric 02 contains Ambroxan blended with vetiver,muscone,elderflower extract,and hedione. And,Escentric 03 contains vetiver mixed with ginger,green peppercorn,Mexican lime,jasmine,tea notes,amber,sandalwood,and musk. Body washes to complement the line are also available.

Available at Barneys.


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