Dirty Faction:Los Angeles EDM Rock

By Angela McAdrian

Dirty Faction is an L.A based EDM rock band. Dirty Faction’s intention behind their sound is to provide high octane energy and passion that makes you feel alive and uplifted and creates a culture that accepts anyone and everyone. Each member of the band has a diverse background providing something unique and innovative to captivate listeners. Dirty Faction is currently recording their debut album and will be on the road this summer. We recommend you check them out and take a listen because their sound is killer and perfect for summer. Dirty Faction has a lot of promise and we are eager to see what’s to come for them.

1.) What inspired the name “Dirty Faction?”

Lapush: One of our main philosophies is bringing people together, no matter what background you are from. The word Faction represent that ideology and “Dirty” represents us blending rock and EDM together.

2.) How did Dirty Faction come together?

Doug: We all moved to LA from our respective and diverse backgrounds, coincidentally at the same time, and met by fate in the city of Los Angeles.


3.) What are some upcoming things for Dirty Faction?

Roman: We have our first single “Run Away” coming out in July which is about two lovers running away from daily life into a fantasy and our aim is for this song to be accessible to everyone. We want to tell everybody that you can escape your problems and live life the way you want to and have fun at the same time, just like we do with our music. We’re going to support this release with a bunch of tour dates around Southern California. Go and check out www.dirtyfaction.com/tour to see when the Dirty Faction Experience is coming to you.

4.) What is your intention with your music?

Lapush: We want to bring the vibe and culture of EDM into the rock world and bring the intensity of rock music into an EDM environment; basically bringing the rock and EDM communities together. We want to lift people’s spirits through the Dirty Faction Experience and we feel it’s more important than ever especially with all the bad things going on in the world right now, it’s crazy. We want to reassure people that we as a community, can get through anything and Dirty Faction’s music is there to support that.

5.) What inspires your creation process?

Roman: I like to look at everyday problems that we all experience, even me, and making the best out of them.

Lapush: I like to stick to what works for me. I like a lot of EDM and I really listen in on synths and melodies and then I just turn them into guitar riffs. Some of them suck but the ones that work, turn out real good.

Doug: I love losing or finding myself into infinite possibilities of beats that move people’s bodies through the intensity of my drumming style.

6.) What music are you loving and listening to currently?

Lapush: I’m always digging deeper into the trance world. Anjunabeats is one of my favorite labels and they never fail to impress me with their releases. I put their latest stuff on in the background while I’m working on other things and end up getting distracted by almost every drop because it’s just so good.

Roman: Right now, I’m listening to a lot of deadmau5 that Lapush turned me on to. I think EDM gets a lot of hate that they’re not real musicians but deadmau5’s chord progressions inspire me. I’m also going back to the Led Zeppelin records and finding some inspiration there. The energy captured on those records is out of this world.

Doug: At the moment, I’m digging the latest release from Incubus. When I find a new album, I really dig deep on it and I don’t listen to anything else for a while. I just learn new things sonically when I hear the same song over and over again. I’m also listening to a bit of Winery Dogs too; their musicianship is crazy!


7.) Summer is near. What’s your favorite thing about the summer season?

Doug: Playing in comfortable clothes.

Roman: Summer makes me feel like I’m always warmed up and ready for anything!

Lapush: Man, for me, every season is happy season.

8.) What’s a typical performance day for you like?

Doug: We usually meet at the office before we take off. Then we pack our production up and head over to the venue. We like to get there a little early to feel the vibe and get to know all the people that we’re working with from the promoter to the bar staff. Everybody’s role is of equal importance to us. Getting to know everybody helps us to run a smooth edition of the Dirty Faction Experience.

9.) What motivates you?

Lapush: Well, we got no other choice.

10.) What’s the most exciting part of being in a band?

Roman: We all believe that the most exciting part of being in a band together is sharing the same vision we all have with the best people.

Doug: Yeah, our chemistry is so tight. We sure have a unique energy that runs through us all when we’re on stage on in the studio or wherever we are together. We have different personalities but we all just get each other, and that’s so hard to find. 2.jpg




Photo credit:Ryan Duffy

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