Interview:Deejay Chino Chicago DJ

by Angela McAdrian

Brian Ortega is a Chicago-based DJ. What stands out about Brian is his clear love and passion for music. I first caught him playing live at an event in 2013 and besides being really talented,I also appreciated his humble,quiet energy. Check out our exclusive interview to learn more about this month’s music artist.

1.) How did your interest in music first come about?

I believe it stems from the joy of listening to a really good beat or rhythm. I found myself always searching for more and more tunes, eventually pushing me to start DJing for the whole purpose to share the music and have others do the same.

2.) What are some upcoming things for you?

There are a few ideas and projects in the works that hopefully I can share the details of soon. I’ve been on a small hiatus for the past year and I’m excited to get back in the game— hosting events, playing and collaborating with other fellow DJs.

3.) What inspires you?

Art, all different kinds— from architecture, fine art to street art. They all bring a particular element of inspiration.

4.) What music are you listening to and loving currently?

Currently, Acid house is on top of my list along with Melodic Techno.

5.) What’s the most exciting part of what you do?

Having the opportunity to share sounds with the masses with no restrictions or limitations. Sharing that feeling with others when you hear a superb song on a PA System. I wish I could explain the feeling…all I know is it’s a great one.

6.) Do you have a favorite book?

Yes, I do. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

7.) Nice,that’s one of my favorite books,too. Besides music,what other interests are you passionate about and do you love?

Art, sports and music are my three totems that keep fulfilling my daily passion and love.

8.) Do you have a favorite tip for our readers on becoming and staying motivated?

Follow your gut feeling and do what you love. When you like and enjoy doing something, motivation comes around naturally.

9.) What are your thoughts on the current state of the music industry,and what are your pet-peeves or frustrations you have or have encountered whilst being a music artist?

The current state is a bit concerning since we have lost a significant number of venues (Annex, Primary & Castle) that supported electronic music in Chicago for years. Other than that, things are becoming a bit repetitive and becoming monotone. The only frustration, maybe— just the huge amount of unprofessionalism in the industry that’s surprisingly high.

10.) Lastly,what is your favorite thing about Chicago?

The people and its diversity— just a beautiful melting pot in the midwest that blossoms in the summer.


photo credit:Nikhil Gidwani from


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